Texas Gulf Coast Cooker of the Year

When Texas Gulf Coast BBQ Cookers Association became a sanctioning body, it was decided to award points to our cookers so that we could recognize a Cooker of the Year. The point system is designed to not only award points for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd, but to award points for 4th thru 10th.

We then tabulate the points and come up with a combined total for each head/chief cook who is a member of Texas Gulf Coast BBQ Cookers Association. The points are awarded starting with the first Texas Gulf Coast sanctioned cookoff after our Invitational and end with the TGCBCA Invitational Cookoff the following year.

There is link below that you can click to read a copy of how the TGCBCA Cooker Points are awarded. Take a minute to read the Cooker of the Year rules so that you will be familiar with how they are awarded.

TGCBCA Cook of the Year Point Standing

Congratulations to Robin Myers TGCBCA Cook of the Year 2013 - 2014

Points are for all events thru Waller County Demo Derby

Cooker Points            Cooker Points            Cooker Points
Myers, Ed 216 Butterworth, D 38 Branson, Mark 9
Dunn, Johnny 215 Knippa, Jeremy 36 Brogdon, T 8
Myers. Robin 165 Muniz, Teresa 28 Whillhite, Ron 6
Dunn, Scott 151 Knee, Keith 25 Grams, Steve 5
Severson, Joe 130 Carnell, Paul 24 Luna, Jacob 5
Canterbury, Jan 94 Arocha, Rob 23 Perez, Vincent Jr. 5
Canterbury, Don 91 Osadchuck, Lyle 21 Stone, John 5
Martinez, Paul 77 Curtis, Kelly 17 Frankovich, Jay 5
Turner, Brent 75 Broesche, Reagan 16 Engel, Tom 5
Freeman, Allan 63 Kindler, Randy 15 Howsley, Daryl 3
Mauro, Luke 50 Leal, Fred 13 Larkin, Sean 2
Clarke, Tom 48 Chambers, Robert 12 Jarrett, Diane 1
Muniz, Howard 45 Ramirez, Earnest 10 Patton, Danny 1
Blankenship, Jill 40 Sablatura, Donald 10
Sharry, Craig 40 Severson, Kristin 10



Posted 04/26/15


Notice to all cooks:   All of the points are entered into and tabulated by an Excel worksheet. If you feel an error has been made concerning your point total, please contact Mary Lynn Gammil at 713-962-4156 or email her at poobah-mlg@sbcglobal.net so that any errors may be corrected. Please do not contact another cook or board member and rely on them to tell Mary Lynn what is wrong.

All tabulations are checked for accuracy prior to our Invitational by a minimum of two other board members.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Craig Sharry


PDF Files:

Texas Gulf Coast Cooker Of The Year Point System

2013 - 2014 Final Results

2012 - 2013 Final Results


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